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Top Floor Of Durban Flats Go Up In Flames

Many residence of Vause Glen have lost everything due to a fire that broke out on the top floor of one of the apartments this morning. It is believed that the fire started just after 9am this morning at a block of flats on Vause road in Morningside, Durban. ER24 paramedics and Durban Fire Department […]

Man falls to his death from Durban beach front hotel

A 49-year-old man plunged to his death from the twenty fifth floor of a prominent Durban beach front hotel late last night. The circumstances leading up to and surrounding the plunge are unclear and area police have launched an investigation into the incident. The man landed on the gravel covered roof of a third floor […]

Emergency services respond to vessel on fire in Durban harbour

Paramedics, Police Search and Rescue officers and eThekwini Metro firefighters responded to a report of a ship on fire in Durban Harbour. Emergency Service Personnel arrived at the scene to find that a vessel that had been moored for salvage had caught fire while workers were stripping it with oxygen acetylene torches. No one was […]

Man Dies On Durban Beach

ER24 paramedics were called to the Lower Marine Parade beachfront for a man that had been shot. When they arrived, they found the man who is believed to be in his fourties, lying face down in the sand. He had sustained what appeared to be a gun shot wound to his left chest. After the […]

Small plane makes emergency landing on Addington Beach, Durban

Paramedics from several emergency response teams have rushed to Addington Beach Durban where it appeared that a small aircraft made an emergency landing. Fortunately neither the pilot nor co-pilot suffered injuries.

Snake spits venom into eyes of Durban security guard

A Durban security guard is in hospital in a critical condition after a Mozambican cobra sprayed venom into his eyes on Monday. Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) armed response guard Lushen Naidoo was responding to a call-out in Verulam, north of Durban, when he was attacked by the 1.5m cobra. According to the website African […]

Person Injured As Informal Settlement Burns in Durban

Durban ( CBD ) Bellair Road Informal Settlement. [Photo's Supplied By ER24 Discovery Medicopter and Ground Crew] One person has been injured after trying to put out a fire at a informal settlement in Bellair road this morning. ER24 Discovery Medicopter flew over the scene and notified the ER24 ground crew and other emergency services […]

Abandoned Prison Burns in Durban

The prison holding cells in Moss street, between Todd and Wick Streets in Verulam, were well alight this evening. Fortunately the prison has been abandoned for some time, and there were no people injured in the incident. The Fire department was on scene to extinguish the blaze. The Verulam Police were also on scene to […]

Building On Fire in Durban CBD

A fire broke out this afternoon in a rundown building in the Durban CBD area. ER24 arrived on the scene to find the Durban Fire Department on scene with Fire Fighters inside the building. A member of public who ran into the building before the authorities arrived was treated for smoke inhalation and was placed […]

Church goers drown at Durban beach

Two members of a Potchefstroom apostolic church drowned in a botched baptism at Durban’s North Beach this morning. Another man who was also swept out to see is in a serious but stable in Durban’s Addington Hospital. It is thought that the three men were part of a group wading in the shallows when a […]