Protect children from quad bike accidents!

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The Arrive Alive website received an email with the request for urgent assistance in addressing the threat of children on quad bikes.

The email reads as follows:

Subject: Children on public roads with quad bikes (without helmets and license)

“Maybe this mail is in the wrong category, but I really have something that I am so concern about. Our town is turning into chaos…Children are everywhere on quad bikes (with no protection at all) They ride on public roads, in the veldt, and a lot of people were involved in quad and bike accidents(fatal as well). I phoned the police, the traffic department, and some of the officers personally, but it is just getting worst.

Anyone is welcome to come to Kathu and verify this bad behavior, and the overall lack of applying traffic rules in this town. I am willing to take some photos and post them. People driving with cellphones, etc. I am concern about the public’s don’t care attitude towards road safety and our children learn to be outlaws from a young age, due to the fact that the parents buy them a quad, and send them into the streets.

A friend died in a quad accident, but still, people do not care about safety of our children. I feel, this is also “arrive alive” every day. You are welcome to visit this place, but please, just help to get some traffic law enforcement here.
The town is KATHU in the Northern Cape, and here you can drive anything without a license. Well, at least I tried to get some help from you.”

We have shared this with Enforcement to the RTMC and this will be taken further with traffic enforcement in Kathu.
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One Response to “Protect children from quad bike accidents!”

  1. This is such a hot topic right now, not just in ZA but also in the UK. Here are a few concerns we addressed in a post to a Quad Bike Magazine just a few months ago.

    Firstly, there should be a law introduced whereby the child can not ride one of these without a supervising adult – no excuses! Also, should the Quad Bike or ATV be taken onto a public area, the Police to have the power to remove the machine and crush it. Thirdly, and here is the big one – stop the manufacturers from putting flashing signal indicatoors, lights and brake lights on them as standard

    Why? Because kids think that because they are fit for the road, that they can be used on the road. Also, should they use them on a public highway or land without concent, that the guardian is then liable under the law for a heavy fine.

    Thos were our issue’s – but we went one deeper than that, and suggested that there be a specific test to ride on of these machine – because as the law stands right now, anyone over 17 can ride one on a car licence – and let us be frank, they handle nor drive like a car!!

    Interesting topic – I have RSS’d you and will blog roll you, if that’s ok?

    Quad Bikes and ATVs need to be governed properly – there are far to many fatalities because of people who just don’t understand them!

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