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    i know the driver of the m3, although not on a personal level. I am concerned because of so many inconsistencies from various stories, some people say the vw was speeding (which i find hard to believe due his daughters being in the car), some saying m3 driver was drunk, others saying he was not, some say a young girl was in the car with him others say it was his mother, i’ve heard that the vw veered into his lane and another story that he was in the vw’s lane,

    so i think leave the speculation alone, wait for the official report before we make our judgements.

    If it was a genuine freak accident then we only have circumstance to blame…

    If it was liam’s fault it has a tragic end, (loved one’s i do not mean to offend you by this statement, my apologies if i do)

    if it was the m3 drivers fault due to above mentioned reasons and his rap sheet then he deserves to suffer the consequences of his actions and his parents should suffer alongside him for their negligence and irresposibility

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    after readin all these comments it made me realise one thing when i was young and i stole the car i got a hiding from my dad, and now most of the youngsters get away with murder.

    some kids today tell their parents to jump, wat im sayn is ppl who cant afford expensive cars are the loyal ones coz they put their family first and then the material things.

    may god send his devine comforter towards to family that lost their loved one and give the girls strenght in their lose

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    @Daisy. You sound like a stupid sanctimonious dumb bitch defending your close personal friend, the arsehole driver of the M3, on the grounds that only an eye witness can confirm that he was speeding and driving recklessly when you yourself state that you and others have spoken to him about his driving like an arsehole yet he continued to do so. And according to people that live in the area he has been seen doing so on numerous occasions.

    Pity you or a member of your family were not the ones hit by his car or travelling with him in the M3. I wonder if you would still feel the same way about it.

    If his parents can afford to buy him an M3 they probably will end up paying someone off to get him out of the shit and he will continue through life thinking the sun shines out his arse and that he does not have to take responsibility for his actions.

    I hope he goes to prison and gets raped regularly for what he has done.

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    My sincere condolences to the family and frieds of Liam -R.I.P sir.

    I have the displeasure of knowing the driver of the M3 , and to a certain extent his family and background.

    The majority of information I have on this accident , has been derived and conceived from unreliable sources of information – several different individual versions of this accident and its offences and offenders.

    At no point do i want to offend with my post , however after reading many of the comments on this accident , i am more shocked by the calibre of our nation. Yes , many are angry , yes many are shocked , but before your anger and disgust ( as some have expressed ) why not consider many many more are hurt and broken by this. Do any of us who criticise the parents , realise they are now facing a reality which means they will not lose a child to death but rather face a loss of uncertainty as to the future of their child? Which would you as a parent prefer? a child who has passed …or a child facing no future in a south african prison- emphasis on south african!!

    What makes us any better than the offender , with statements suggesting he be killed ? we would be no better than him and his actions.

    My point is that irrelevant of the circumstances ( whether he is found guilty or not ) HE IS WRONG IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. However , i gurantee you all , he is remorseful , his parents are regretful for spoiling a child ( which many of us do daily )or trusting a young man.

    All i ask , is that this forum be used to rather share messages of hope for the two young girls ( may god be with you both at this time ) and prayers for all parties affected by this , rather than a witch burning. In the end , we all have made mistakes in this life…and if any here believe they have not…please …i beg of you to raise your hand as you are a walking miracle , rather than us slandering and stoning , let us learn from this…and no…it may not change the other million young , ignorant STUPID sport car drivers, but it will change 1 which may prevent a future death.

    The prayers of my family and I are with the family of Liam.

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    Kelvyn davidson

    @ Kabal, Daisy and Angel
    your friend not only killed a man driving his girls home but he has also killed his 16 year old daughter.
    sadly she passed away on saturday (to be confirmed)
    your friend was not allowed to drive his car on his school grounds last year due to his total lack of regard for speed and fellow pupils saftey.
    I know who this kid is and on more than one occasion I have been too slow to get his numberplate to report to the police. for his reckless driving , racing around as if he alone owns the world, big cheezy grin on his face.
    all of you trying to defend this monster may one day be victims of a similar fate, a friend a family member yourselves, then I ask how will your humanity be, how will your conclusion jumping skills be?
    you state that he is constantly driving like this and does not listen, that my fellow humans, is very damning evidence and perhaps you will be called up as a character
    witness for the prosecution.

    I do not know the family that has suffered from this horrendous act of selfish arrogant behaviour.
    but I as with every member of our community that is tired of these selfish morons feel the anguish and pain, the helplessness that we cannot do anything to protect our children on our roads.

    I some how wish that the boy in his M3 had collided head on into a delivery truck at 160km/h then you could all mourn his passing and celebrate what a great upstanding boy he was and what a bright spoon fed life he was to lead.
    if It my child had died and i was a survivor of an incident such as this, I would find him (which is very easy as every body is pointing fingers, he really isnt that loved by his school peers and friends)and lest just say, it would be messy,

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    Kelvyn davidson

    Sorry but your post is full of contradiction.
    we are critisizing the parents simply because they are the fundamental reason this kid has no respect for anybody.
    our children are a direct copy of ourselves, so it does not show or offer any moral support for a father that puts his sons pleasure above the safety of the entire community.

    If this was my son i would also be wrangling with the anguish, but I would also be wrangling with prospect that i too could go to jail for willingly buy or give an unlicensed driver a motor car that was used in a crime.
    thats what this is a crime.

    this stupid boy caused the inevitable by his actions, actions he refused to stop even after his friends had spoken to him about.

    I also cannot submit to the idea that these poor forlorn parents had no idea that their son was an arrogant selfish moron.
    they gave him a rocket to play on the roads with, let me explain, an M3 is not a slow or subtle car, it is a flying machine that is as subtle as a sledge hammer, and when racing around the streets revs peeking, wheels spinning, what did they think would happen?
    but thats arrogant selfish people for you, they think they are above reproach. well here is lesson number 1 their not.

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    Speeding and reckless drivng isn’t anything new in Dbn. Many ppl have lost their lives due to recklessness of drivers… it only becomes a big issue when the rich are involved…

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    I think that the authorities should also be held accountable. Lets see some visible policing for a change. I see the odd cop hiding behind a bush with a camera…get out there and make a difference. As far as the justice system is concerned, well if we had an ounce of faith in it we would probably not be seeing much of the frustration being vented in many of the preceeding comments. My prayers are with the girls,their mum and Liams parents.

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    Shocked & Saddend

    Did Liams daughter pass away?

  10. 60

    Shocked & Saddend

    Kelyn Davidson, did Liam’s daughter pass away?

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    Kelvyn davidson

    Thankfully it was just the rumour mill spreading word.
    The latest news is both Girls are out of critical care and on the road to recovery.
    The Moron who crashed into them is to appear in court on 09 02 2011.

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    Kelvyn davidson

    you are wrong on this point.
    we as residents of this particular area or sick to death of people driving like idiots,money is totally irrelevant. In this particular case money is only an aspect due to the car that was driven and was seen on many occasion racing around the area, with an UNLICENSED, DRUNK TEEN, who managed to KILL an innocent man at 6pm on a Sunday, taking his kids home, whose lives are ruined, due to one selfish teen and two selfish parents who believe they have the right due to their financial status.
    Money will not make this go away. he may get off with the use of lawyers and lots of money or a bought docket. but Karma is a bitch…..

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    Then why is there such an uproar pertaining to this case, yet a few weeks earlier a similar case had not caused such concern…

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    Does anybody know what’s the outcome of today’s court appearance?

  15. 65


    East Coasters await the outcome of the court appearance. so like dont hold your breadth people

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    I know the guy who drove the m3 just want to say indians need to stop flippen speeding and driving cars when they are not even legal…This is the second accident that i know of that a young indian under the age of 18 has been driving the car and either killed or nearly killed a person. My old indian neighbour also died in a car accident he was speeding with his citi golf and went into a truck all his fault. You guys are giving us indians all a bad name!… CATCH A WAKE UP!!

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    What was the driver of the BMW charged with? Does anyone know what the outcome of the hearing was?

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    Apparently the driver of the m3 has gone missing!! maybe left the country?
    Someone name this driver if you know him!
    He is a minor, so even if he was charged he wouldnt get much…maybe community service! Its a joke!

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    The point of the matter is that moral values, common decency and respect for the law and fellow human beings has gone out the window.
    No matter what the outcome of the court case is, it will not bring back a dad and the loss that will be with his daughters and family for the rest of their lives.
    I have a two year old son and every time I drive with him in the car I fear for his safety and my own due to the unbelievably reckless way 90% of people drive.
    If they don’t value their own lives, why would they even take anybody else into consideration.
    Everyday I see people skipping red lights, not keeping their following distance, driving as if they are on a race track and talking on their cell phones whilst driving.
    For what, to show your car can drive faster than mine, or a false sense of being in control or getting to your destination 2 minutes quicker than the guy you overtook.

    And the worst of all, they don’t think there’s anything wrong with it!!!

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    ayesha anon

    does anyone know if the 2 little girls are ok? it must be so difficult for them to cope because life as they knew it has changed irrevocably. who will take care of them now?

    did the parents of the BMW driver think of the possible consequences of letting their son get behind the wheel. Did they ever think to sit him down and advise him of his obligations as a driver.
    Did they think to offer condelences to 2 little girls whose lives have been shattered because of what is ultimately the result of their carelessness.

    If only everyone considered the effect of their actions on the lives of other people, maybe life could be less tragic.

    as a parent u hav an obligation to ensure that your offspring are not a menace to society

    if only……

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    The driver is well known.Surprising that the name of the driver has not emerged.Anyone knows the latest on the courtcase?

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    The drunk M3 driver is Maveshin Odayar.

  23. 73


    Do you have proof that he was drunk?

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    My car while living in Europe got a real COR, a month later the wishbone in my car broke while driving caused my car to veer off the road lucky into a ditch not on coming traffic, but if i was even doing 60kms witness could of said i was speeding if had a drink the could of said i was drunk driving. With the smash of another car in would be hard to show the wheel broke before hand. Not saying this applies for the above but we have to see other stories.

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