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    Good day

    Hope this mail finds you well

    If possible may I please have any photogranphs and additional information regarding this accident(25 April 2013.cne Edwin Swales drive and Titren road), as one of the people were my father who sadly passed away on the friday after the accident. His friend who was the passanger did not make it to the hospital. The police department are really dragging their feet regarding this case and i would like to assist them in any way possible.Any response regarding this matter will be hightly appreciated by the family.

    Looking forward to your respone.

    Kindest Regards
    Bianca Mentoor
    073 644 7784

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    I have lived in this area for 25 years and the no of accidents at this intersection has just been ridiculous. The sad thing is that I think a lot of them could have been prevented by simply making both lanes coming from the Bluff compulsory turns. A lot of the accidents happen In the same way . Slow moving trucks coming from the Bluff side travel in the third lane from the left because the second lane comes to an end just after the intersection. Cars traveling in the second lane speeding up on the inside of the trucks, often collide with cars coming from the opposite turning into Titren rd. The turning cars can’t see the cars they hit because their view is obscured by the big trucks. An easy solution would be to make the second lane coming from the Bluff a compulsory left turn into Titren – if motorists wanted to go straight here they would have to go into the third or fourth lane and not be obscured to those turning by the slower moving trucks. A few years ago I sent emails to whoever I thought would listen but it was like hitting my head on a brick wall. I have even thought of going out one night and painting those big yellow arrows myself. Surely it’s someone’s job to analyse high accident zones and try and do something about them?

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