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    I’m sorry, maybe I’m reading this the wrong way but was this little ‘review’ of the accident meant to be a joke? I find that the tone is a rather callous one?

    Sad ending – the 6 people who died in this accident and those left behind to deal with their loss!

    My husband’s cousin and her family died in this accident, they had two little kids with them dammit! and the grief their family has to deal with goes beyond the ‘spectator value’ these pics and your commentary provide.

    As I mentioned, I could be wrong but maybe try writing with a bit of sensitivity next time! coz when Karma kicks u in the @ss, it’s not gonna be nice

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    yes- You are reading it the wrong way – and the info was provided by a visitor to the website.

    Accidents are no joke – as I will testify having lost my mom in an accident at the age of 2 years!!

    Someone enquired about the accident – and then went to find these photos – which we then shared!

    [I removed the reference to the bird – which was actually raised in an email – and then answered upon, if you believe that the reference appears to be insensitive]

    Condolences on the passing away of your relatives in this accident.

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    We drove passed this accident that Sunday night JUST after it happened. Although, it was too horrible to stay and see what happens and luckily the ambulance etc. was already on their way. But will we get an update on this please? How is the driver of the landrover?

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    Anette Pitout


    Ek werk saam die bestuurder van die Landrover.
    Hy het geweldig seer gekry, linker been vergruis as ook
    sy pervis. Maar ek moet sê dit gaan al bietjie beter. Hy het nog n lang pad van herstel voortentoe.
    Hy is ook nog baie geskok, soos julle seker weet het hy
    sy vrou in die ongeluk verloor.

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    My pa is die oorlewende van die ongeluk. Kan ek vra dat die foto van die voeltjie (Skillie) asseblief verwyder word.

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    Hallo Fiona,
    Baie jammer om van Tan Rina te hoor. Tan Hes het vir my gese en ons wa laas week by haar. Wat het gebeur?

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    Martin du Plessis

    Condolences to all family and friends involved in this absolutely horrific and very unfortunate accident. Although you are strangers to us, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. My Gog give you the strength and peace to deal with your loss and we pray for a speedy recovery to those injured.
    No such thing as karma. A plot by Satan to steal innocent lives and to destroy families is what this is.
    God be with you all.
    Fiona, ons bid spesiaal vir jou en jou gesin. Baie sterkte.

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    Thank you for publishing these photos. Please publish more. It is time people saw firsthand the carnage happening every day on our roads. One death is one too many. This just has to stop. And cutting the speed limit drastically is the easiest and best way to start. Come on everyone, drive caringly and cautiously!

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    im so scared of any vehicle,more to taxis,anyway it can happen to anyone,condolences to the family and friends of those ho lost ther loved one through horrible accidents

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    Working in the transport industry, accidents is something that i have to deal with on a daily basis.Anything from minor bumper bashings to major, life altering accidents.

    In all honesty, 90% of these accidents are caused by stupidity and as cruel and heartless as it may sound, it still remains the truth. Why speed? Why tailgate? Why not stop and rest? The list goes on. I firmly agree with Sipho, one death is one too many.

    Think before its too late……

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    I experienced for the first time in my life death, and it had to be my husband in a car accident. apparenly the taxi was speeding but he got away with it. up to taday i havent find peace. i go thriugh every website hoping i would find answers of how it happened, hoping to find some picture. it been 7 months i still battle to make peace with it.

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    Car accidents r lyk sudden death. My brother died on the N17 jst b4 Witroad offramp in 2011. Even today, we still struggling as a family to accept his departure.

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    Please advise me on any further investigations on this accident, as to who were responsible and what really happened. Even after so many years, we have no answers and cannot find closure.

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